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Terms of Service

Last updated: February 19, 2024

Welcome to our Beauty Score Calculator web application. Please understand and agree to the following terms before using our service:

The user promises that the photos uploaded are their own, or the user has the rights to upload the photos. The user will not upload any photos that infringe on the privacy or rights of others.

Our attractiveness scoring is based on scientific algorithms and database, but it does not have absolute accuracy. Users should take this for entertainment, and understand that this is not a way to evaluate personal value or identity.

We reserve the right to make modifications, updates, and terminate the service. We will try to notify the user of these changes, but it may also happen without notice.

The user must understand and accept that we assume no responsibility for any impact on the user's own image or emotions that may result from using this service.

Finally, we reserve the right to revise these terms of service. Please check regularly for possible changes.